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              Team advantage

              Team advantage

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              • Time of issue:2020-12-26 10:09:11
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              1、Team Structure:

              ● Fujian veteran automotive industry, automotive technology and financial communities for new energy vehicles cherish perseverance and faith and the pursuit of shareholder;

              ● Large car prices have led, well versed in the management of the leaders of the industry for senior management;

              ● Has pioneered China's first generation of hybrid buses academic leaders digitization system for technical leader;

              ● Widely employed famous universities, research institutes and well-known experts as technical back-up line;

              ● Has a number and age advantage, Ganpin good science is the backbone of the local technical team;

              ● Build strong customer awareness, service fine art sales / service team.
              2、R & D strength:

              ● New energy automotive industry alliance led by Professor Huang Jian, chairman of Fujian Province R & D team;

              ● Team members have a bachelor degree or above 96%, including research and development center and technical personnel with doctorate / master's degree more than 30% the proportion of students, some of the technical backbone of more than five years experience in the development of new energy automotive technology field;

              ● Homemade, including a number of advanced, specialized equipment supporting product development, scientific experiments, production testing and Total Quality Management.

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