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              Service commitment

              Service commitment


              One、High quality after-sales service

              1、Professional service team: a, 38% sales staff from R & D team; b, after-sales team more than undergraduate education accounted for 71%; c、Sales team in the industry has many years of work experience.
              2、Independent research and development aftermarket diagnostic service system: a, can quickly find the failure factors; b, simple operation, easy customer use.
              3、Open all year round: a, sales team opened rescue call 24 hours on standby; b, anywhere customer service.


              Two、Rich free services

              1、Long-term resident services: a, a new car to the customer, the first time posted sales engineers; b, stagnation sales engineers build the library of spare parts at the customer recently.
              2、Driver training: a, for the new energy vehicles for detailed driving training; b, develop a detailed training plan.
              3、Maintenance training: a, system basic principle and function training; b, diagnosis and maintenance system training; c, component failure maintenance training.
              4、Regular maintenance: a, maintenance personnel for maintenance training; b, provide maintenance on-site technical support.


              Three、First class after-sales service guarantee

              1、Long term stagnation repair service are free (free repair warranty).
              2、After receiving the customer telephone customer service engineer failure, stagnation usually within 0.5 hours after the fault occurs in the scene.
              3、Maintenance personnel rushed to the scene, there are obvious signs of wearing a work permit in order to recognize.
              4、Establish maintenance quality file, and take necessary measures to prevent the failure.
              5、Carry out regular or irregular inspection work, the initiative to consult the user's views.

              Four、Perfect service network

              Currently existing and planning service outlets: 1 Fuzhou, 2 Jinjiang, 3 Xiamen, 4 Ningde, 5 Fuqing, 6 Putian, 7 Longyan, 8 Nanping, 9 Sanming, 10 Jiangxi, 11 Shaanxi, 12 Hunan, 13 Jiangsu, 14 Zhejiang, 15 Guangdong, 16 Shanghai....

              Five 、Ultra long warranty period

              System core components 8 years warranty.

              Monday to Friday 9:00-17:30



              Sales email:sales@fjwanrun.com

              After sales email:services@fjwanrun.com

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