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              Key components

              Key components

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              Motor controller

              ● Intelligent vector control, excellent torque characteristics
              ● Perfect protection function
              ● Braking energy feedback function, energy use efficiency
              ● With anti slide slope function, the safety of vehicle driving is high


              Detailed technical description
              Motor controller is the core part of the new energy bus, which is used to control the driving motor to realize the starting of the bus,In / out, deceleration, etc.. In the whole speed range all have excellent torque output ability, through the excellent algorithm, the motor loss to the minimum, to ensure the high efficiency of the controller and motor system.


              Vehicle controller

              The vehicle controller includes a microcontroller, analog input and output, switching capacity, relay drivers, high speed CAN bus interface, power supply and other modules. The vehicle controller manages, coordinates and monitors all aspects of the new energy vehicle power chain, in order to improve the energy efficiency of the vehicle, and to ensure the safety and reliability of the vehicle.


              Detailed technical description
              Vehicle controller rated voltage of 24V (passenger car for 12V), supports simulation terminal communications and CAN communications, the implementation of QC/T413-2002 standards. The vehicle controller can modify the control parameters through the standard CAN port, and can be used to coordinate and energy management of the vehicle.


              Electric machinery
              ● Frequency conversion control, stepless speed regulation;
              ● Small size, large torque, high efficiency;
              ● High power density, high reliability;
              ● Dynamic response fast, energy feedback;
              ● Low noise, high comfort.


              Detailed technical description
              The new energy vehicle development, which can be used in hybrid electric system and pure electric power system, realizes the high efficiency of driving operation and braking energy recovery through the motor design optimization, and ensures the reliability and safety of the product.


              Gear transmission

              ● Adapt to different road conditions, select the appropriate file to run, can optimize the control strategy;
              ● The engine or motor work in the high efficiency area, reduce consumption and emissions;
              ● Realization of internal combustion engine ramp start;
              ● Brake energy recovery.

              Detailed technical description
              Gear transmission is mainly used to improve the performance and fuel economy of the vehicle, the fixed shaft gear train and multi plate clutch structure, strong reliability, response fast, high efficiency, easy to control.

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