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              Core technologies

              Core technologies

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              • Time of issue:2020-12-26 14:08:42
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              ● High Regeneraitve Braking System Technology
              We have created “High Regenerative Braking System” technology (own patent and registered trademark). This technology opens a new and effective technical approach in upgrading braking energy regenerate by control increment of motor speed, this can be developed as important strive orientation for NEV to continuously improve energy saving level under current technical conditions. Can applicable to pure electric vehicles, HEV and fuel cell vehicles.


              ● Vehicle Energy Comprehensive Management Technology
              Wanrun’s vehicle energy comprehensive management technology involves advanced top control strategy and the management strategy of numerous parts / accessories, as well as the harmonious matching of related components and parameter design, which are resulted from the integration of our overall planning and advantageous know-how. This technology proves to be able to comprehensively upgrade the energy saving, emission, safety, battery life, power and comfort of NEV. Wanrun owns the software copyright of this technology.


              ● Less gear transmission technology
              Due to its’ special structure, NEV has brand new requirement for transmission. In order to deal with the urgent demand for special transmission of new energy car and new energy bus, our technical team carried out self-independent innovation and developed several prototypes of less gear transmission one after another, many of which have been integrated into the “High Regenerative Braking System (HiRB)” technology. Currently we have four less gear transmission prototypes which can applicable to all types of new energy buses and new energy passenger cars.

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