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              Company profile

              Company profile

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              • Time of issue:2020-12-25 18:30:19
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              Established in 2012 in Fuzhou, Fujian Wanrun New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise that main business on R&D, producing, sales and technical service of NEV power assembly. Our R&D center is located in Haixi Innovation Park, Fuzhou High-tech Industry Zone, and our production base is located in Five Tiger Mountain Industrial Zone, Qingkou Auto City of Fujian.



              Our assembly products include vehicle control unit (VCU), electric motors, motor controller, transmission system and power accumulators. Each components series cover the main models of new energy bus, new energy passenger cars, new energy SPV, constitute the relative complete product category from small to large vehicles.




              Following the operation philosophy of “responsibility, devotion and innovation”, Wanrun commits itself to technical innovation and product innovation, form the leading technology and products which represented by “ High Regenerative Braking System” technology (Registration name as “HiRB”) and “less-gear” transmission series respectively. Up to now, Wanrun has supplied assembly products to numerous auto manufactures and client with different vehicle lengths, powers and types (hybrid power and pure electric) .


              Dec, 2014, Nachuan Stock (stock code 300198) invested in Fujian Wanrun. Supported by platform of listed company and strong capital injection, developing Wanrun as a tiger with wings added. Fujian Wanrun will increase investment, accelerate innovation, continuous making force to craft unique product for brilliant future.


              Monday to Friday 9:00-17:30



              Sales email:sales@fjwanrun.com

              After sales email:services@fjwanrun.com

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